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 waterfall jutsu

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PostSubject: waterfall jutsu   Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:55 am

^genin jutsu^
water needled
water blast
water breath jutsu
Water needled brrage
water clone
grand water ball
grand water blast
water control jutsu u can use it for 25 posts
^jounin and s jounin jutsu^
master water clone a clone tht can take as much damage as u
master water ball
master water blast
grand water control can use for 100 posts
water coffin
water barriel
water bome
water wall
water prison
water dragon
water death
water create jutsu (this allows u to creat water out of teh air)
^kage jutsu^
any of them up above
master water dragon
master water control can control it as long as u want
water skin jutsu
^sommoning scroll^
tiger sommoning
lion sommoning
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waterfall jutsu
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