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 my clan's jutsus

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PostSubject: my clan's jutsus   Sun Nov 11, 2007 4:32 pm

low (student-genin)
1-dimentio 1 gram:does nothing just opens the dimension for 10 seconds)
2-summoning: wolf pup
1-dimentio 4 grams :does a dimension that u control(unable to mov eif use for a long time)
2-summoning of the growing wolf
high (kage-jounin)
1-summoning of the wolf king
2-dimentio 10 grams
3-dimentio curse mark
4-dimentio curse mark release
only me!

1-summoning of the wolf demon, kiruno(my demon)
2-dimentio 13 reapers
3-fire style supernova style jutsu
4-nightmare rasori
5-my 3rd strongest;spirit fist
6-my 2nd; rasorigan (altough i need sasuni, JeanP,is not registerd yet)
7-my strongest technique...demon and curse fusion; rasorigan fist!

P.S these cant be thought
wow this is the most ive written lol! lol! lol! afro Cool
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my clan's jutsus
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