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 Bloodline jutus for Tandens

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Hakushin Tanden
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PostSubject: Bloodline jutus for Tandens   Fri Nov 09, 2007 11:43 pm

they are bear claw lightning blade,bear summoning, bear claw lightning blade two palm thrust, Bear curse mark,Bear claw curse mark release, and Bear Curse Mark Hurt Jutsu

bear claw lightning blade: it is like the regluar lightning blade but instead of blue it is green from my bloodline charka and you can only hold it with the bear claw(only can be used with bear claw)

bear summoning: summons the great king Senri(only can be used with bear claw)

bear claw lightning blade two palm thrust: makes two green lightning blade in both hands and with one hand knocks them in the air and with the second hand knocks them back down(only can be used with bear arm)

Bear curse mark: it makes a bear claw sign on our arm and the bear demon will be in you and makes you lose control of your body over a period of time (only used with bear claw)

Bear claw curse mark release: release bear claw curse mark (onlly used by me and only me)

Bear Curse Mark Hurt Jutsu: makes the Bear Curse Mark j=hurt very badly
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Bloodline jutus for Tandens
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